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Join your fellow miniature gardeners throughout the world
on this brand new garden community
celebrating the joy of gardening in miniature!

We’ve got everything for your
miniature gardening hobby right here,
growing in one place!

If you are familiar with our work over the last 17 years as 
America’s First and Favorite Miniature Garden Center,,

then you know the high-quality, the care, and all the passion behind it.

And we’re looking for like-minded people that love
to spread the joy of gardening in miniature! 


Stay Inspired!
Stay Creative!

Unique & original
ideas from Janit Calvo!

Get Expert Advice &
Access to Experience

 From all of us!
It’s YOUR community of fellow
miniature gardeners!

Add Magic to
Your Fairy Gardens

Find out what works, why &
how to add get the enchantment

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
We’re Eco-Friendly! 

Learn how to get more out of
what you already have on hand!

Connect with
Like-Minded People

Italy, India, Canada, UK,
Australia and
from all over the USA!

Explore Fun Miniature
Projects and Plants!

Pick up a project for the afternoon
or the weekend!

Regional & Seasonal
To-Do Lists!

An evolving list so you
won’t miss anything!

Learn All About the
Miniature Plants

Via the database or ask
in the miniature garden forum!

Have Fun in
our Idea Factory

Seasonal projects, holiday fun, 
get more out of what you have!

Tons of Design Ideas
for In-ground or Pots!

Get direct advice or feedback
on any idea or project.

It’s a Buyers Club!
Save Money!

Members save 15% off
of our stores! 

Reporting from the
Front Lines

See show and tour reviews
focused for mini gardening!


Why We Created this community,
The Miniature Garden Society:

~> As leaders in the miniature gardening industry, we’re tired of fluff-filled websites with no valuable information that are just out for the advertising revenue.

~> As innovators in our in field, we disrupt the way things are done to create endless new possibilities for what could be, rather than doing the same old thing.

~> As people, like you, who love to garden, we want a community of other like-minded enthusiasts we can have real conversations with, and not just look at pretty pictures on Pinterest.

~> As creators, we use the art of gardening in miniature as our creative outlet which allows us to not only have our own fun, but it gives us a way to share our love and joy with the rest of the world – which can only spread more love and joy!

~> As explorers in this new hobby, we are curious to find out what works well for the living miniature gardens, so we can dig deeper into our creativity, instead of just experimenting willy-nilly and wasting valuable time and money.

 ~> As gardeners, we value Mother Nature in all her glory and we love our gardens, large and small, because they keep us grounded, keep us growing and it’s a way to connect us to the rest of the world.

~> And as miniature gardeners, we love to share nature’s details and mysteries with one another, no matter how small, because we understand how meaningful those little moments can be.







You see, miniature gardening is not only a way to grow, play, experiment, plant, create, invent, dig deeper or garden smaller, it is a way touch the hearts of people in ways that they never would have imagined.

Take a look at one of our Miniature Garden Society outreach installations at the Old Soldier’s Home in Orting, Washington, that we built this past spring of 2017. 

Our “Operation: Spark Joy” at this Old Soldier’s Home was a collaboration between the Miniature Garden Society and the Hill and Dale Garden Club – and it is a complete success!

And by success, we don’t just mean the garden is growing and doing well, what we really mean by success is that the residents taking ownership of the garden, they are enjoying the daily maintenance, the seasonal changes and the laugh or three that they get connecting over the miniature garden!

It was awesome. We’re looking to do MORE of this!

This is where the Miniature Garden Society come in! We’re looking to do more of these types of installations in senior’s homes, children’s hospitals and more veteran homes throughout the country as a way to deliver some garden therapy where it is needed most.

As a member of this Miniature Garden Society, you will be a part of this too!  


This Miniature Garden Society community website was researched,
written, compiled and developed

by Janit Calvo, author of the top bestselling books: 
Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World

Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop: Handmade Accessories for Your Tiny Living World

Our other websites include:
The Mini Garden Guru blog!



~ More About Who We Are ~

Our Miniature Garden Center Store is America’s first and favorite. We’ve been gardening in miniature since 2001. We started on eBay in 2004 and moved to our own online store in 2006 ~> see it here.

We’ve had a popular “handmade” Miniature Garden Store on, since 2008 ~> visit it here.

We’ve published the world’s only blog completely dedicated to the art and craft of gardening in miniature, since 2007, The Mini Garden Guru blog here.

We have the world’s largest gathering of miniature gardeners EVER, with now over 14,000 fans on our Facebook page here.

We publish the world’s only newsletter dedicated to the miniature garden hobby, The Mini Garden Gazette, with subscribers from all over the world, since 2004. Sign up here. (Only subscribers to the MGS can access the archives.)


But first stop and take a sneak peek of what the MGS looks like inside:

What People are Saying… 

 “Thank you so much for this new Society website! What I have read is very impressive and informative. The video’s and photo’s show such detail that makes it a lot easier to envision our own miniature gardens.  Congratulations on creating such a fun and info-filled website. It is obvious how much thought and time you put into it and I’m sure it will be the “go to” site we need. – Your miniature garden friend, Joyce.” 

One Year Subscription Price is
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If you don’t like the site, let us know within 48 hours and we’ll give you your money back!*

And here is what people are saying about our other online work:

“Thank you so much. I love how personal your approach is!  
You are rare, indeed!!” – Joan H.

“I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your Mini Garden Gazette
newsletter!!  I look forward to your newsletter so much, & seeing what new item(s)
you’re going to come up with to share.  Please continue”.  – Ruth H.

“Love it. Finally had time to go through your whole website. really enjoyed it.
lots of helpful hints and really enjoyed looking at the contest picture
winners, and reading all the blogs. Keep it up please.” – Lynn A.

‘OMG, I am thrilled with this Gazette very impressive!  Thank you so much!” – Liz W.

“*Squee!* My miniature garden kit is being prepared! I received a response regarding my order from Janit Calvo herself. This lady is amazing! She runs an online business, tends her many gardens and shares her craft with the world via workshops, demonstrations and a blog – and she has the time to respond to little ol’ me to ensure the plants will survive my climate and growing conditions. What great customer service! Thank you! Your passion is inspiring and infectious!” – Angela S.

“Hi Janit, I wanted to thank you for the mini garden gazette.
Really enjoy the articles and ideas. I am especially thankful
for all of the tips you give on growing the mini plants. I am
unfamiliar with many of them, and not sure of their proper care.
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
Thanks again. Sincerely, Camille R.

“I enjoy your Mini Garden Gazette more than words can describe.” Erika W.


Your hosts, Janit and Steve Calvo. Based in Seattle, WA.