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The Miniature Garden Society

We’ve created the Clubhouse for the New Hobby….

Dig in. We’ve been waiting for you.

The Miniature Garden Society was created in 2015 for place where miniature gardeners can gather, and grow the new hobby together.

Explore this new hobby at your leisure…

Learn as you go. Pick up a project for the weekend, maybe longer. Relax and enjoy armchair miniature gardening, or get prepared for your next mini garden adventure!

Find the RIGHT answers…

We’ve done all the research for you. We’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to. 

Eliminate the guesswork and get right to the plants and gardening advice that work for YOUR situation.

We’ve certainly learned a lot since our first Gardening in Miniature book, published in 2013…

“This Woman has the best ideas and her miniature gardens are by far the most realistic! She uses unique items and creations to create stunning and one of a kind art works. Watch her techniques for the most beautiful and lifelike mini gardens!!”
– Leslie Ann, Miniature Gardener

“I do want to say that of all of the sites on the web I’ve visited on the subject of miniature gardening, the content in the miniature garden society is pure gold.” – Liz, Miniature Gardener

Garden big, small, in-ground – or all of the above…

We’ve got you covered.

This exclusive community was built by the founder of the miniature garden hobby, Janit Calvo, and author of the two bestselling books on Gardening in Miniature.

Janit has been studying, growing and playing with this hobby, professionally, since 2001.

“I have to say that you are a fantastic source of
 accurate and
consumer-friendly advice for anyone wishing to pursue miniature
landscapes and fairy gardening as a hobby.”
– Ellen, Miniature Gardener

Search no longer…

For people that understand your miniature garden needs – and your passion for gardening small.

Maximize your time, save money and enhance your creativity just by using us as THE resource for the new hobby. There is no other website like this and no one else with more experience with this new hobby!

For Fairy Gardeners Too…

We put the garden in fairy gardening. If you want to grow the perfect garden for your fairies, we’ve got that too – PLUS more fairy insight into making an enchanted garden for our tiny winged friends!

The Miniature Garden Society is everything you need,
no experience required, just a passion for gardening in miniature!

Here’s is more of what you’ll find inside this website:

Exclusive and Unique Projects

Find a project for the afternoon or for the weekend – projects specifically for your miniature garden or fairy garden! 

NEW In-ground Garden Section

We’ve cracked the code for an easy, successful and FUN in-ground miniature garden that won’t go to the weeds! 

Miniaturized Gardening!

Water features, ponds, lakes, canals, riverbeds and beaches. It’s all fun in miniature – and doable! 

The Right Plants & Trees

Our specialty! We can help you choose the right trees and plants that stay in scale for many years. 

Expert Advice that WORKS

Get advice or feedback from Janit Calvo, the author of the two bestselling books on Gardening in Miniature!

Customized and Personalized

Learn how to customize or personalize your miniature gardens to make great gifts or centerpieces – or just for YOU! 

Maintenance & More!

We know what to tell you because we’ve grown the garden: in-ground, in containers of all sizes and fairy gardens too!

Community Forums

Connect with like-minded people from all over the world! You can ask questions on any page or start a discussion in the forum!

Plant Directories

Plants and trees that are ideal for us from a miniature gardener’s point of view eliminate guesswork and save $$!

Just Learning to Garden?

We’ve got that too. We’ve backed-up and are covering the basics of gardening to bring you up to speed gently!

Learn about gardening with miniature gardening!

Authentic & Genuine! We are fully committed in this hobby too!

See Some of our other work linked below!
(Plus, the Mini Garden Gazette newsletter and our social media channels on Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook!)


Here’s a list of most of the pages within this exclusive website. You just can’t find this information anywhere else simply because no one else is doing it! :o)

(Not all pages are available for the Mini Garden Lite Membership Level.)

About Light, Indoors and Outdoors


Accessories: About Miniature Scales

Accessories: About Realistic Materials

Accessories: About What To Use

Accessories: Customizing

Accessories: Overview

Accessories: Weatherproofing

Accessories: Where to Find Accessories



Fairy Gardening

Fairy Gardening: Getting Started

Fairy Gardening: Made By Fairies

Tracy’s Fairy Garden – An On-Site Example

Fairy Gardening: Made FOR Fairies

(See the Inground Section too!)



Forums to Connect

Discussion Forum

Coffee Talk Forum

Mini Gardening News

Designing Inground

Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper: Creating Specific Themes

Digging Deeper: Curated Links

Digging Deeper: Garden & Mini Shows

Digging Deeper: Mini Garden Gift Ideas

Digging Deeper: Miniature Flower Arranging

Digging Deeper: Miniature Settings at the Philly Show

Digging Deeper: Photography Tips

Digging Deeper: The History of Miniature Gardening

Digging Deeper: Working with Naturals

Digging Deeper: YFMG’s Links


DIY Downloads


Plant Directory
– an on-going list of trees and plants that are ideal for gardening in miniature

Garden Basics

Garden Basics – A Garden Renovation

Garden Basics – Pruning & Deadheading

Garden Basics: Fall Gardening Tips

Garden Basics: Indoor & Tropical Miniature Gardening

Garden Basics: Spring Gardening

Garden Basics: Summer Gardening

Garden Basics: Troubleshooting

Garden Basics: Winter Gardening Tips

Garden Basics: Gardening Overview

Garden Basics: How to Start Miniature Gardening

Garden Basics – Container Gardens

Garden Design Rules Miniaturized

Growing: Case Study, Fresno, CA


Miniature Garden Themes


How to Pack & Move Plants & Gardens

In-ground: Planning & Starting

Inground: Planting a New Bed

Miniature Canals & Riverbeds

Miniature Garden Ponds

Miniature Garden Water Features

Miniature Lakes & Natural Ponds


Patio & Path

Stonework: Introduction

Stonework: Mini Patio Mix

Patios & Paths: Mini Pebble Patio Ebook


Plants: Trees & Shrubs




Mugo Pine

Plants: About Miniature Plants

Plants: Bedding Plants

Plants: Origins of Miniature Plants

Plants: Using Annual Plants

Plants: Where to Find the Plants


Plants: Sizing Your Plants


How to Bring an Outdoor Garden Inside Safely

Make Fun & Easy Miniature Yard Art

Miniature Mummies for Halloween

Miniature Yard Art

Thanksgiving Ideas

Christmas & Winter Holiday Ideas

Miniature Pumpkin Carving

Simplified Miniature Gardening

How to Make Miniature Zombies



The Business of: Classes & Workshops

The Business of: Getting Started

The Business of: Selling at Shows

The Business of: Selling at Street Markets



Digital Downloads:


Printable Projects

Get more out of your Miniature Garden Hobby today!

There are TWO ways to join us today:

Mini Garden Club
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Garden Basics, Pots & Inground
Container Miniature Gardening
Inground Miniature Gardening
Growing and Maintaining
Best Plants that Last for Years
Miniature Plant Directory
What Accessories Work Well
Creating & Customizing Accessories
Patio & Path Options and Installation
Exclusive Projects & DIYs
Exclusive Video Demos
Fairy Gardening for Adults
Theme Ideas Exclusive for the MGS
Doing More with Miniature Gardening
Private Forum Access & Help
Risk Free - 24 Hour Guarantee
Fellowship Level
$75 / Year
Full Access Membership for $6.25 per month PLUS FREEbies and DISCOUNTS !!
Garden Basics, Pots & Inground
Container Miniature Gardens
Inground Miniature Gardens
Growing & Maintaining
Best Plants that Last for Years
Miniature Plant Directory
What Accessories Work Well
Creating & Customizing Accessories
Patio & Paths Options & Installation
Exclusive Projects & DIYs
Exclusive Video Demos
Fairy Gardening for Adults
Theme Ideas Exclusive to the MGS
Doing More with Miniature Gardening
Private Forum Access
Risk Free - 24 Hour Guarantee
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You can try to find free information from an authentic and experienced source on the Internet… 

Or you can try to find someone to ask all the detailed questions to…

OR you can try figure it out yourself if you have a bunch of time and money…





You have 24 hours to check out the Miniature Garden Society
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Janit Calvo with husband Steve. This miniature garden has now grown in and up! Shown here in 2015. Stay tuned for updates!