About the Miniature Garden Society

The Miniature Garden Society was created as a resource for all things miniature garden. After publishing two books on the topic, Gardening in Miniature Create Your Own Tiny Living World, and Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop, Janit knew there was much-more to be done for this hobby.

While these two books still stand as a great introduction to the hobby, they were heavily edited and geared to the gift market – and not specifically written for gardeners or people that wanted to learn more about this new way to grow and create. 

This one-of-a-kind website is the Gardening in Miniature hobby on steroids. There is no other place anyone can go to get this type of detailed and insightful information so you can be better informed about what works for your space – and what doesn’t. Janit has spent over two decades making all the costly and time-consuming mistakes in researching this hobby so you don’t have to!

Within the MGS is a boatload of relevant information on all the aspects of the hobby: mini gardening in different ways, in-ground and in containers, exploring miniature design ideas, using (or re-using) the accessories in different ways to get different results, money saving tips, seasonal theme ideas and projects and much, much more. It’s over 200 pages! 

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Our Miniature Garden Societal Mission:

  • To keep landfills free of unnecessary waste
  • To avoid toxic materials, plastics & other accessories
  • To be implement environmentally-friendly guidelines in all tasks.
  • To re-purpose, reuse or recycle.