What is Fairy Gardening?

The difference between a miniature garden and a fairy garden is the garden.

It’s redundant if you say “miniature fairy garden.” Fairies are miniature. When you introduce the houses, accessories and other ideas, it becomes and enchanting world of imaginative flare where tiny, winged fairies reside & visit.

Realism in a fairy garden is what creates enchantment and suspends a person’s view for a moment. Similar to how movies transport us away. If you’re looking to elevate your fairy gardening so everyone can enjoy it, look no further.

Level-Up Your Fairy Gardening with 
The Miniature Garden Society!

Inside this dedicated website to all things gardening in miniature, you’ll find real, actionable, concrete ways to start, or to level-up your fairy garden adventures. You’ll find no presumptive fairy garden clutter at all. We know how to add the magic and enchantment to your projects. All protein, no carbs. Easy-peasy. 

Fae Tip #1
Sourcing Fairy

If you want a fairy house in your fairy garden, use that house as a gauge to find fairy accessories that match in scale to the house, otherwise it will look disjointed

Fae Tip #2
How to Make
It Magical

It’s important to realize that there are two kinds of fairy garden accessories: those that look like they were made by the fairies, and the accessories that are made for the fairies.

People Make #1

Planting the garden too low in the pot, you can’t see the garden until you’re standing above it. This is not healthy for the plants as it doesn’t let the light and air through.

People Make #2

Not using enough of real trees and plants that, if you think about it, would be a natural place for any kind of fairy to reside. Only relying on the fairy houses and accessories to create a fairy garden isn’t really a garden at all.