Journey into my secret garden.

And discover a passion project YOU can dig into. 

What is In-Ground Miniature Gardening?

Designing, planting, growing and maintaining a mini garden in a garden bed is very different than miniature gardening in pots and containers but we have you covered! Not in Dirt, but in the information you need to get started and get growing.  

Prepping the soil, choosing the plants, designing a function garden in miniature – and then maintaining it, year after year, can be a fun and rewarding way to garden where everyone can enjoy your imagination and creativity. 

In-Ground Mini Garden TIP:

Work with the “eco-system” in your full-sized garden. Where is there sun? Where is the shade? By growing your regular garden and your mini garden together, the bigger plants can help mini plantings by offering shade and humidity. This will slow down water evaporation and roots will stay evenly damp, making it easier to keep it watered in the dry months too.

“Miniature gardeners begin a fresh garden design from scratch with every new pot we pick up, or every garden bed we till, something full-size gardeners simply cannot do.” 

Janit Calvo