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Website Support

This website was built with simplicity in mind. Please let us know if you have any troubles whatsoever in navigating this website. It was built by me (Janit) and sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees – pun intended.

By Email:

By Phone: 
Office Hours or I can call you:
Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm,
Pacific Standard Time (3 hours behind east coast time.)

I can Skype, Facetime or Google Chat with you too. Let’s make an appointment to “meet” using one of the above methods of contact.

Miniature Garden Support

Please use the forum for any of your miniature garden support questions so we are able to share our results with the other members. If it’s personal or you are just shy of posting, please use one of the methods posted on the left side to get in touch with me.

I’ve been helping miniature gardeners from all over the world get started. If you have a question that can’t be answered, I’ll dig-up an answer for you. ;o)

Support FAQ

I registered for this membership awhile ago, why am I getting this now? – We regret the reset process but we had to in order to add a forum and membership perks to this site. It now works almost like Facebook in that you can post photos, share, and comment on other people’s posts, ‘friend’ other members and you have your own page with your own profile too. We just don’t have all the noise, general-public access, nor the intrusive advertising messages that Facebook has. Our site is completely private and is focused on and around the topic of gardening in miniature.

What took you so long to get this switched over to the new site? I’ve been waiting for months! – We now know why some websites can cost up to $50,000 to create – because it’s not easy. Re-organizing the back-end of the website was a chore that we tried to get help with, but our helper ended up sabotaging both the old site and the new site which put us back another few weeks. Our bread-and-butter day-job took us away from this project at times so we could pay the bills. We also knew to take our time and get this right – because we are more than ready to move beyond the technical with more engaging content and to create more fun with miniature gardening!

What can I expect with this new site? – You can expect regular updates now, with more insight, information, projects, how-to’s. We are especially looking forward to getting a series of videos specifically for the MGS, so we can show you what we do instead of just writing about it!

What if I have a problem or suggestion? – We can help! See our contact options above.


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