Miniature Gardening in Containers

Miniature gardening in pots and containers isn’t just growing plants in a pot – you’re really growing a garden complete with trees, shrubs, patios and furniture! It’s complete with everything that a full-sized garden is, yet shrunken down to miniature. 

It’s extremely adaptable, let us count the ways: 

Size Doesn’t Matter: You can build a miniature garden in a wee pot that is 2″ wide, or a big planter box that is 2 feet wide or more. 

Suits ANY Occasion: Or holiday! Make themed miniature gardens throughout the year for welcome pot or centerpiece. Or, make one and decorate it each month with seasonal decorations that you can have fun hunting for or making them yourself. 

It’s a Great Gift Idea: Made to order! A miniature garden gift can be really personal and heartfelt. It doesn’t have to be big either, a sweet 4″ mini garden can be a very endearing hostess or teacher gift! (And you get to make another minature garden. :o)

You Can Take It With You: How many gardens have you had to leave behind when you move? Or, have you always wanted a garden but haven’t the space for one? Need I say more?