We search the local nurseries here in Washington State and whenever we can get to Oregon. We’re always on the lookout for perfect plants for the miniature garden.

At Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center, we’ve been specializing in miniature and dwarf trees and shrubs since 2004. Our plant-packing methods are one of the most safest ways to ship plants in the US. (Yes, we regularly shop other online nurseries to compare!)

Where to Find Weird & Wonderful Miniature Garden Plants

Great plants for miniature gardening are plants that stay small or with small leaves that grow slowly. There are websites that cater to the hobby but what about finding the right plants near you? Here’s a brief primer for finding the weird and wonderful plants for your miniature garden journey.

Do you have an arboretum near you?
Is there a botanical garden of some sort?
A local Master Garden group?

Use Google to search your area for these groups, they can be a great miniature plant source. Every spring, and sometimes throughout the summer, charitable organizations that are devoted to horticulture hold plant sales to help raise funds. For some of their events, the organizers invite local growers to sell their plants in exchange for a portion of the proceeds.

These growers may be the same growers that your local garden center may use so there may be a little overlap in inventory, but with events that bring these hard-core plant people directly to the public, chances are the growers will bring some weird and wonderful plants that aren’t available in the garden centers because they only have a few of, or they just like growing them because they like plants.

This is truly a treat, because not only can you find unusual plants that your local nursery doesn’t carry AND plants that work great in your area, but you can find them at great prices and meet the grower too. Leave time to chat with the growers and nursery people and you’ll find a wealth of information and insight about growing plants in your area.


What to look for – more details in the Types of Plants We Use Section

If the grower doesn’t know what “miniature garden plants” are, try speaking their language and ask for: Trees:

  • miniature and dwarf conifers
  • bonsai starts
  • baby-plants that will grow slowly

Bedding Plants:

  • any small-leafed plant that grows slowly
  • rockery or alpine plants
  • ground covers


Master Garden Sales

In our area, master garden plant sales attract a number of small growers from around the region. Bring a budget so you don’t overspend. Don’t bring a wagon unless you want to fill it up. Lol! For more information on your local Master Gardener program, the American Horticultural Society has gathered this together on their website. Click the map to get more links to what’s going on in your area. This is for Canada too:http://www.ahs.org/gardening-resources/master-gardeners


Botanical Garden & Arboretum Sales

Do a search on the Internet for the name of your city (or the nearest “big” city) and “botanical garden” to get to the website. They have plant sales to raise funds, usually they sell plants they propagate from the what’s growing in their botanical gardens.


Going on Vacation?

Check out the local garden center wherever you go for new ideas to miniaturize! If you’re staying within your country you can always pack plants in your suitcase. It’s done more than you know by gardeners everywhere and the customs people are used to it. If you want to carry your plant on the plane instead of in your checked luggage, make sure the soil is on the dry side. I had one customs officer think that I could make a bomb out of a plant because of the water content in the soil (water is a conductor.) No joke.

Miniature Plant Resource Section – WIP

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