Miniature Yard Art

These miniature yard art ideas are so much fun to add to a specially-themed miniature garden even though they won’t last forever. But if you use them just for the party or the season, and don’t leave them to weather in the rain and sun, they should last for years. You can see how they fill up the garden rather fast, so use them for special days only and you won’t get tired of them.

Build upon your arsenal of themed yard art each holiday or season. These ideas are cute and inexpensive and will put a smile on anyone’s face. Perfect for young children to make too!

ABOUT THE STAKES: Find your popsicle sticks or colored lollypop sticks in your local craft store. Paint them to match. You can cut, paint and stake your own wooden dowels too.


These are just a few of the seasonal mini garden stakes that we’ve made so far. With this idea, you’ll never be stumped for miniature yard art again.

Garden Stakes with Foam Stickers

You can find a lot of different themed foam stickers in your local craft store, like Micheal’s Crafts or JoAnn Fabrics in the kids craft section. They have some for almost every occasion too. Super easy to put together and you can paint them different colors to suit your design.

Garden Stakes with Buttons

Some buttons you will have to snip the loop off so it can fit on your dowel or popsicle stick. Just make sure you don’t clip off a vital piece that holds it together if the button has a complicated design. Use two-part epoxy for a good glue that will hold.

Garden Stakes with Beads and Baubles

This is a pretty straight-forward idea once you know about it. The wood beads came from a kids necklace kit. The maple leaves are metal fasteners found at Michaels Crafts. Use two-part epoxy for a good glue that will hold. The painted or colored stake really helps pull it off.

Garden Stakes from Greeting Cards

Another fun idea made from greeting cards especially for a party where you need that extra bling hanging from the trees!

Seal the cardboard with Outdoor Modge Podge or Paverpol (stronger than Modge Podge.)



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