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We Love Our Society Members

“This Woman has the best ideas and her miniature gardens are by far the most realistic! She uses unique items and creations to create stunning and one of a kind art works. Watch her techniques for the most beautiful and life-like mini gardens!!”

– Leslie Ann, Miniature Gardener


“I do want to say that of all of the sites on the web I’ve visited on the subject of miniature gardening, the content in the miniature garden society is pure gold.”

– Liz, Miniature Gardener


“Thank you so much for this Society website! What I have read is very impressive and informative. The videos and photos show such detail that makes it a lot easier to envision our own miniature gardens. congratulaion on creating such a fun an info-filled website. It is obvious how much thought and time you put into it … it’s the ‘go-to’ site we need!”

– Joyce, Miniature Gardener


“I have to say that you are a fantastic source of accurate and consumer-friendly advice for anyone wishing to pursue miniature landscapes and fairy gardening as a hobby.”

– Ellen, Miniature Gardener